By lucyloupank, Feb 13 2016 02:06PM

I'm really looking forward to a big project this year in Northumberland, based at the Woodhorn Museum with Bait - to create a musical show for the 2016 Miners' Picnic.

I will be working with Ashington, Bedlington, Ellington and Jayess Newbiggin bands to put on a multi-media show, featuring a new commission for all four bands on the 11th June. We will also be working closely with local artists and filmmakers to run creative projects alongside the rehearsals.

Having recently visited all the bands, I'm really looking forward to working with everyone and creating a memorable performance at Woodhorn Museum and the Sage!

By lucyloupank, Oct 25 2015 12:44PM

I was lucky enough to be present at the official launch of the latest CD by the Wingates Band last night at St. Bartholomew's Church in Westhoughton.

'Sounds of a Century' celebrates 100 years of recordings by the band and features a new commission in my post as composer-in-residence. VOX AURI (voice of gold) is an antiphonal fanfare that splits the band into three main groups, representing past, present and future.

The CD also features another commission - 'Litany' by Adam Taylor

Many thanks to the band - looking forward to what the future continues to bring for you!

By lucyloupank, Oct 10 2015 05:13PM

Things may seem a little quiet at the moment...but after a hectic year, I managed to take a few weeks off over the summer for the first time in A LONG TIME.

Now I've got a few new projects starting up, plus the start of term, so things are a little hectic! Hopefully more news to follow soon...ish!

By lucyloupank, Aug 17 2015 10:46PM

On the 19th July, the premiere of PATHWAYS was given as part of the Durham Brass Festival. The piece is for three brass bands (and three conductors!). I was priviledged to have the Cory Band, Tredegar Town Band and Reg Vardy Band give the first performance, which is now available to view on YouTube (please see the MUSIC section of my website for a link)

Huge thanks to Arts Councl England, NRBBT and Durham County Council for their support and to Philip Harper, Ian Porthouse, John Roberts and all the musicians involved in the performance.

By lucyloupank, Aug 9 2015 09:06PM

During the course of this year, I've had the pleasure of working with the members of the Macclesfield Youth Brass Bands to compose a piece for their 10th anniversary.

Back in January, I met with members of the Youth, Junior and Training Bands and Drum Corps in workshops to come up with some ideas for themes, structure and anything else they could think of - all of which I included in the final piece. With it being such a special and personal celebratory piece, involving the young musicians in the process was the perfect way to start everything off. It ensured that the music was inherently THEIRS through and through…and was also very enjoyable for me to see how creative they all were!

Each ensemble within MYBB has its own solo feature, before combining with full forces for the grand finale. The subtitles reflect the journey of MYBB over their first ten years:


Junior Band - PRIDE AND JOY (March)




The overall title - Brass Roots; Musical Wings - illustrates the mission of MYBB – giving their players firm roots within the brass band tradition, allowing them a whole host of musical opportunities, before taking flight to the next stage of their lives at university, or beyond. Being part of such a wonderful organisation teaches many skills – not just musical ones! In addition to being enjoyable, learning to be a musician requires dedication, discipline, develops social and listening skills and also shows that you can work well as an important part of a team. This piece is a tribute to the hard work of everyone involved with MYBB that make it what it is; a positive, well-(valve)oiled brass and drum machine!

The piece was premiered at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester on the 4th July (video to follow soon! Watch this space...) I was so impressed with everyone's dedication - getting such a performance together could have been a logistical nightmare, but everyone gave it their all. The result was an outstanding performance and a standing ovation from the entire theatre.

I was even honoured to be presented with a coveted MYBB pennant...and the tin (representing the 10th anniversary) used as a percussion instrument throughout...that had been completely destroyed in the process!! I intend to turn it into a lamp! :)

Congratulations MYBB on your TIN anniversary!

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