By lucyloupank, Jan 7 2017 02:43PM

2016 was a very busy year, with lots of different things going on.

One of the most exciting projects was Reflection Connection - I wrote a HUGE blog post about this at the time, but my computer crashed and I lost it all :(

The project was based in Northumberland at the Woodhorn Museum with bait/timeto. I was lucky nough to work with the local bands: Ashington, Ellington Colliery, Jayess Newbiggin and the Bedlington Community Band and their respective youth ensembles to create a new piece of music. The project included EVERYONE from these bands, plus 200 children from Music Partnershp North Northumberland. The culmination of this large-scale project was a performance at the Miners' Picnic at Woodhorn Museum and an encore performance the day after at the Sage, Gateshead - such an exciting experience!

Each band had their own movement to play, with a final movement that brought everyone togetehr, en masse. I visited the bands to get some ideas on what they wanted to play and also to generate some ideas for themes within the music. There was a large amount of choreography nvolved and each section was accompanied by a different medium, either in film, animation or soundtrack, produced from interviews and sounds collected during my visits.

So, running in tandem with the music side of things, Alan Fentiman conducted interviews with the bands and researched the Miners' Picnic to produce a wonderful, reflective silent film to accompany one of the movements. He also recorded the two performances at Woodhorn and the Sage. We also held workshops with artist Clare Armstrong (Hooboobunny) to create artwork which was then animated by Andy Cooper and his team at Draw & Code (Liverpool) into a colourful, vibrant film to accompany the final movement, where every band united to bring the musical themes together.

It was such a fantastic experience and I feel very lucky to have been involved. Thank you so much to Fran at bait/Woodhorn, to the bands, children and staff involved, to Alan, Clare and Draw & Code for making it such an amazing few months.

Head over to for a look at what we got up to during the project!

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